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Dr. Krost, who is a Board certified physician in Pain Management as well as Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He is a Certified Independent Medical Examiner.

Dr. Krost’s past education includes Medical School of Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse; Surgical internship at North Shore University Hospital and Cornell University Medical College; and Residency at Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York. Dr. Krost specializes in conditions that cause acute and chronic pain. He has a strong interest in Sports Medicine and specializes in the rehabilitation of sports injuries. His offices are located in Lake Worth, Jupiter and Plantation, Fort Myers, Florida.

His web site is www.wetreatpain. Another procedure we are pleased to offer at the office of Dr. Stuart Krost is Botox. Known for reducing frown lines in the face, Botox is also an effective alternative for treating muscular pain and headaches. In using Botox for cosmetic reasons, medical research has discovered it also improves the symptoms in patients who suffer from muscular pain and migraine headaches. One dosage of Botox can provide up to three
months of relief in some patients, while others enjoy the benefits for even longer. We will be glad to tell you more about Botox, and discuss if this innovative pain management solution is right for you. Thank you again for calling.
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